When My Doctor Said “You Have Diabetes”, My Brain Spun Like An F5 Tornado With Scary Thoughts Of Needles, Blindness, Amputations, Kidney Failure…

But What Really Put The Shake In Me Was The Fear Of No More Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Testimonial: Hey Thomas! Thank-you for explaining diabetes in a way that made me realize that I too, did not know what I was up against. I sure am glad I read this book and made the choice to take action. You were right. In 31 days (maybe sooner, because I didn’t check my blood sugar for 4 days) my blood sugar levels were down to 110! I hadn’t seen that low of a number for years! Thanks again,

PS. I lost 14-1/2 lbs.

Rick O, Wyoming

Turns Out, The Fear Really Wasn't Losing The Chocolate Chip Cookies, It Was...

Being forced into changing my lifestyle!

(That’s me, and my pal, Kozmo. I am the one in the blue.)

Date: July 19, 2009
From: Thomas P Fouts

Hi Partner, 

All my life I was heading toward type II diabetes without even knowing it.

Now I wanted to learn:

How Not To Have Type II Diabetes!

Did you know that you can reverse your type 2 diabetic condition?

I’ll bet your doctor didn’t tell you that you could! 

When I walked out of the doctor’s office,
it hit me like a whack to the chinny chin chin…!

I really don't know much about diabetes! (I didn’t)

I didn't really know how I got it.
(I thought it was from eating too many donuts, cookies and pop)

I did not know all the debilitating conditions diabetes can cause.

And I surely did not want to take medicine for it the rest of my life!

You know, you just don't catch diabetes like you do a cold or the flu. Luckily, my doctor said you could truly help yourself by eating a more natural nutritious diet and exercise. Nobody told me you could reverse the diabetes condition. 

I decided to learn all about diabetes. With my months and months of research, 100+ interviews with doctors, dentist, podiatrist, optomoligist, chiropractors, natural health practitioners, and people living with diabetes, I found out you can reverse the diabetic condition! 

A plan was formed and tested, and tested again. A lifestyle change was in the works! The plan was named “The BetesBuster Plan” because I wanted to “bust open” the notion that with correct knowledge and some nutritional and physical lifestyle changes, you can reverse the type II diabetic condition. 

With the step-by-step BetesBuster Plan, you may enjoy many pleasant side benefits, several that I really wasn't expecting, but surely welcomed.

  • More Energy - I'll bet everyone feels they would love to be vibrant and full of energy
  • Weight Loss - The great benefit for most anyone with diabetes is to lose some weight
  • Better Concentration - A fantastic benefit is the ability to have clarity and focus
  • Just plain feel better - You will have less aches and pains and an overall "goodness" feeling.
  • Less or no medication - You may be able to decrease your medication, or eliminate them with your doctor’s approval.
  • Clear eyes - Your eyes will have a much more vibrant look to them
  • Better physical movement - agility and balance improves
  • Confidence - When you start seeing and feeling the changes, a new confidence emerges. You are making change and taking charge of your life!
  • More smiles - You will be wearing bigger smiles more often. Guaranteed

A shocking and sad story.

As I was interviewing the 100+ people living with diabetes, a pattern quickly developed.  Most (95%) did not have the correct knowledge of what diabetes is (or just didn’t care) They just blindly accepted the diagnosis that they were diabetic. (shocking)

There were only 5 out of 100+ people that I interviewed that were actively trying to reverse their diabetic condition! (happy)  The other 95 had excuse after excuse why they couldn't make simple changes to try to improve or defeat their diabetic condition. (sad) 

I’ll bet nobody told you that with some simple changes you could reverse your diabetic condition.  So it’s probably not your fault. You don't have to be one of the 95% that doesn’t know any more. 

Not taking control and fighting the "beast" called diabetes can reduce your lifespan by an average of 10-15 years, not to mention the ever-increasing debilitating conditions that diabetes can cause. (heart attack, kidney failure, blindness, amputation, and neuropathy just to name a few) 

And then there is the unpleasant side affects of diabetic medicines, and oh, what a list that can be!  You know how expensive the price of medicine is, and continuous dosage increases, trips to the pharmacy, running out of medicine on a weekend, can there be more?  And then all the insurance hassles!

Do you get the feeling I am trying to scare you? 

If that is what it takes to get you to take action to get control of your health, I am. 

It is because I witnessed several startling and scary conditions in real life while interviewing people.  It is not all that hard to figure out that diabetes is something that you better control or reverse, when you see first hand, some of these horrible conditions that diabetes can cause.

This is why I created the step-by-step BetesBuster Plan.  You can get control of your blood sugar, and start feeling benefits in just 45 days, and usually much, much sooner.  Within the first week, my energy levels were up, and I had even lost 5 pounds!  I'm not going to say it was easy, but it wasn't all that bad either.

Then I noticed how much easier I was getting things done.  Even my wife noticed!  The second week my energy levels were still climbing and a feeling of happiness or good-feeling just crept into my mind.  I was much more pleasant and cheerful   This was noticed by others and they wanted to know what I was up to.

My headaches disappeared.  My eyes were more clear (people remarked about my blue eyes sparkling.  I have not heard that in a while!)  I started to feel like doing activities again.  I had been so out of shape, my zest for action sports was down to nil.  I got my kayak out and paddled away.  First time in years.  Something’s happening here!

I kind of scared my wife as she was used to seeing me on the couch, daydreaming, or just puttering around.  Now I was "hey baby, let's go for a bike ride!" or "Come on let's go hiking or take a walk on the beach!"  She was enjoying my newfound energy and confidence. (in more ways than one, if you know what I mean!)

All in all, my weight dropped 39 pounds, my energy level made me feel like a twenty year old, my headaches were gone, my confidence level was "nothing can stop me now" kinda thing, I was almost "too" happy for my wife to deal with, and my blood sugar levels and diabetes numbers were all back in the normal range!  Like I never even had it!

With all the diabetes medication side effects, extra weight hanging around making you feel self-conscious, let alone feeling sluggish and tired, why not invest in yourself, your body and your mind?


Try The BetesBuster Plan for 60 days and see your diabetes conditions improve or disappear, or I'll give you your money back.  No question asked.

Click Here To Order Today

Questions? please email me at: support@betesbuster.com.

With the step-by-step BetesBuster Plan, you will learn about nutrition, what to eat, how to eat it, and what to eat it with.  It's about the proper combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. 

You will get to eat some great tasting meals on this plan because you design them.  It's easy.  You just pick one food from each of the columns in “The BetesBuster Food Chart” and “poof” you have a balanced meal.

I was sure that eating nutritious healthy foods would not appeal to me, but I was wrong.  You just have to be open enough to try different foods and find what tastes good and works for you.

The exercise portion of The BetesBuster Plan is pretty flexible.  Not everyone is in the same physical shape as another.  You will be able to tailor this exercise program to fit your needs and limitations. 

Everyone can exercise, even if it is just lifting a phonebook up over your head several times.  Still, others will start out by riding their bikes, walking, running, or whatever you want, as long as you do it consistently.  There are plenty of tips.

The last part of The BetesBuster Plan is providing you with knowledge about beneficial supplements.  Supplements that are in-addition-to regular nutrition.  In other words, there are vitamins, minerals, plants and herbs, when added to your nutritional intake, help speed the healing of the body, or benefit your body functions in various ways.

Many times people with diabetes are deficient in Chromium, Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc just to name a few.  There are other supplements that when taken, lower blood sugar levels naturally, better than diabetic medications! 

The BetesBuster Plan will go over some of those supplements that will benefit your control over diabetes or the diabetes conditions.  It will always be your choice to consider supplements.  It is a viable option that you should discuss with your doctor.

What would you attempt to do
you knew you could not fail?

How do you know if “The BetesBuster Plan” is right for you?

IF you're ready to grab and put the power back in your life and stop being controlled by food, emotions, medications and medical issues...

IF you're serious about bringing back the healthy body and mind you once knew and know you could have, and start feeling good about yourself...

IF you really like getting compliments, attracting positive attention and feeling good again.

IF you're ready to stop feeling like a loser and being 'the fat one' in the crowd

IF you've realized that your junk food eating habits have gotten way out of hand

IF you don't know how to stop eating the cruddy junk that you've been addicted to on your own, without checking in to a re-hab center.

IF you're tired of putting in extra hours at work just to cover your huge food and medicine budget

IF you know that by not taking action to correct your bad eating habits, your condition(s) will get worse

IF your doctor told you to eat more nutritiously and start an exercise plan, but nothing you've tried before worked

IF you're ready to stop feeling like crap after scarfing down a bunch of drive-thru food 

IF you'd enjoy learning fun new ways to boost your energy, lose weight, and bring down blood sugar levels, while strengthening yourself at the same time

IF you realize that it is your choice to be healthy or not.

IF you know that you just need the right knowledge, tools and a step-by-step way to create a new long term healthier lifestyle for your life, you could do it.

IF you've noticed that your health is beginning to suffer from eating non-nutritious junk food

IF you notice that your not getting healthier and the doctor wants to increase the dosage of your diabetic medicine

IF you've noticed that your mind literally feels fogged up, and you struggle to finish a task due to lack of focus

IF you no longer feel attractive in the bedroom, or that your poor health is starting to show signs physically of premature aging, then you're going to LOVE the vibrant feeling of natural health and energy

IF your eating habits are beginning to alienate you from your family and friends due to guilt and feeling ashamed knowing you eat, what you know you shouldn't eat.

IF your food cravings distract you from work or friends, and you're afraid that people are beginning to lose respect for you, then this program will help you keep your dignity and save you from more embarrassing, uncomfortable situations

IF your friends or family are telling you that you eat too much of the wrong things and your blood sugar is out of control

IF you just want to cut back on some of your bad habits, without having to commit to some kind of crazy strict diet, then the BeteBuster Plan will guide you to literally re-wire your brain and your habits to not eat so much junk anymore.

IF you want to be able to enjoy your favorite foods without all of the negative effects and keep from going overboard and letting things spin out of control again

IF you don't want to be another diabetic slave to ever increasing doses of medications

IF you're ready to have newfound energy, have healthier lower blood glucose levels, lose weight, get trim, reduce or eliminate medications and bring back that sexy body that you know you once had.

IF you've made up your mind to beat the "beast" called diabetes, congratulations! I am proud of you for making the choice to create a healthy, vibrant, happy and nourishing life for yourself... and I can't wait to show you just how exciting it is about to become!

Seriously. How Much Would It Be Worth To You…

To Smile And Finally Feel Comfortable In Knowing You Have Taken Action To Control Your Blood Sugar and Reverse Your Diabetic Condition

To Hear The Doctor Say “I don’t think you need to be on diabetic medicines any longer”.

To Not Have To Find Creative Ways To Hide And Disguise Your Eating Habits

To Not Have Your Feet Ache From Carrying Extra Weight

To Know That You Can Eat When You Need To, and Get Healthy

To Not Be Exhausted From Just Carrying In The Groceries, Or Walking Up The Stairs

To No Longer Have The Back Pain And Achey Knees From Being Overweight

To Not Have To Roll Yourself Up Off The Couch, Or Out Of The Car

To Know That You Can Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

To Feel Good About Your New Confidence, Energy, Healthier Body, And Yourself Again

To Be Able To Teach And Help Someone Else With Your Newfound Knowledge

Surgical procedures (gastric by-pass, stomach stapling, etc.)can be extremely dangerous and are very expensive. Cutting off the symptoms of a deeper problem solves nothing. Suppressing the emotions, overlooking limiting beliefs, insufficient knowledge, and not addressing the eating habits and lifestyle problems will only make diabetes conditions and weight gain inevitable and heart-breaking.

Doing nothing will almost certainly cost you far more than $47(get discount below) in medical, medications and grocery bills, not to mention the cost of your lowered self-esteem and all the missed opportunities that go by because of your diabetes condition(s).

Worse still, doing nothing could cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in doctor visits and hospital bills as you get older and your diabetes conditions deteriorates and your overall health rapidly declines...

When you think about it, $47 (see discount below) is a bargain for something that can literally save you years of your life and save you thousands of dollars. So make sure that you click ADD TO CART link below and get The BetesBuster Plan now. You'll be so glad you did.

If you really try the BetesBuster Plan and you don't see any results in 60 days or less, or if it is just not for you, I'll give you all of your money back, every cent, no questions asked.

If you follow The BetesBuster Plan, your blood sugar levels will lower to a more normal level, you will feel better, lose weight, and have more energy, all within 45 days or less.  But take the full 60 days to decide if The BetesBuster Plan is a lifesaver/lifestyle changer.  I just want you to choose to take action to defeat the "beast" called diabetes and gain vibrant health.  It is always your choice.

This is a special launch offer. Only $37. I just want to reward those that choose to take action for better health and get control over their type II diabetes. I know times are tough so take advantage of this lower price before the launch time frame is over and the price goes from $37 up to $47.

So just click the button below to order your copy!

$37 is a bargain if you consider that it may take that much gasoline in a week driving back and forth to the kidney dialysis clinic.

Free Bonus Gift #1 (Price - Priceless! Value)   “The BetesBuster Fast Start, Now!” I can't say enough about this short little program. It was a life changer for me. If you take and use this one little concept, your whole outlook on life may change for the positive. Highly recommended, as it will boost your diabetes reversal in a most speedy energetic way. You will be more productive throughout the day and be much more vibrant.

Free Bonus Gift #2 ($29 Value) “Diabetes Foot Care 101” Diabetics need to take care of their feet more than usual. If your blood sugar has been out of control for a long time you could develop neuropathy. That is a tingling or even numbing of the feet, or hands. You need to know how to take precautions and what to look for. This guide will show you how.

Free Bonus Gift #3 ($19 Value) “The BetesBuster Plan Recipes and Tips” Several recipes that you can make easily and they are delicious. Quite a variety and comes with shopping tips and tips in general.

Free Bonus Gift #4 ($19 Value) A bundle of templates designed for you to use to track your food, water intake, exercise activities and progress, medications, blood sugar counts, and a goal template for designing your goals. These can really help you be far more successful in achieving your desired outcome.

If you want change in your life, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, or if you have to change your health or die, then invest in your health and take action to try a step-by-step program to gain your health back. 

You need to fight the "beast" called diabetes and defeat it, because it just keeps coming and won't stop until you're...  _  _  _  _!

With The BetesBuster Plan – You CAN Do It!  Make the choice to be healthy.

To Your Health,

Thomas P Fouts

P.S.- Just choose to be a healthier you. You are the only one that can do that. Choose to take action and try The BetesBuster Plan to defeat the "beast. And remember you have a no-hassle 60-day money back guarantee. If you try the plan and it doesn’t work for you, you can keep the ebook and all the bonuses (worth $100) just for giving it an honest shot. What can you lose? 

(not me!)

P.P.S. – Remember, this is not a weight-loss program, but I’m betting that you will become leaner and get closer to your natural body weight. Plus, you will notice a new-found energy. So, click the button below! 

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Questions? please email me at: support@betesbuster.com.